Current Personal Training and Coaching Pricing and Plans

GN Strength & Conditioning offers a variety of in-person, online coaching and nutrition programs. You can find current pricing and plan information below, which may be modified for you depending on your needs, goals and budget. Please contact me to discuss in more detail.

In-Person Programs

Intro session* | $50/90 mins

Individual sessions (training, form checks, programming or nutrition consultations) | $50/60 mins

Small Group Training 3x per week (12 sessions) | $200/month (3 trainees max)

Small Group Training 2x per week (8 sessions) | $135/month (3 trainees max)

1:1 Training 3x per week (12 sessions) | $600/month

1:1 Training 2x per week (8 sessions) | $400/month

Nutrition Program | $115/month (for 3 months)

1:1 Training 3x per week + Nutrition Program | $695/month

Students under 18, Military, Police and adults over 65 | 20% discount


*Intro session is required for all prospective clients. No further obligation. If a client decides to sign on, then the $50 intro fee will be deducted from the first month membership fee.

**Occasional short-term programs are offered (After School Barbell Club, Conditioning, etc.) and pricing will be announced at the time of offering. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media pages for the latest updates.

Online Programs

Personal Training | $57/month (month to month)

Nutrition Coaching | $115/month (for 3 months)

Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching| $169/month (for 3 months)